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Training Log

Posted: February 26, 2011 in Uncategorized
Saturday, February 26, 2011 @ SAS

SMR – pvc, stick and lax ball.
Dynamic warm-up.

Axle Clean and Press (clean each rep) 2 x 5 @ 165, 4 @ 215, 2 x 4 @ 255 (belt), 1 @ 305 (belt) – all of these were nice and easy. The sets at 255 were to work on form and my hand switch over, feeling pretty good. The 305 set could have been cleaner but it was very easy. Feeling good for this event.

SSB Squat (no belt) 5 @ 1 plate, 5 @ 2 plates, 5 @ 3 plates, 5 @ 3.5 plates – just wanted to get some leg/back work in.


500m – 1:26 – this blew my head off and I thought and still think I might die. I planned to do 2 x 500m but after this I made a deal with myself to do another 250m.

250m – 43.6 – this wasn’t as bad as the 500m but it certainly didn’t make me feel any better.

As you can see, nothing groundbreaking right now that I am 6 days out from the Arnold. I just wanted to get a sweat on, work some technique and do a little conditioning. Feel good at this point and want the training to be over so that I can attack some weights!

Training Log

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Thursday, February 24, 2011 @ SAS

SMR – pvc, stick and lax ball.
Dynamic warm-up.
LYTP x 8.

a1) Military Press 5 @ 95, 5 @ 135, 5 @ 185, 5 @ 205 – nothing insane here but it felt nice and solid.

a2) Neutral Grip Chins with Fat Gripz 3 x 8 – these felt good tonight.

DL 5 @ 225, 3 @ 315, 1 @ 405, 3 @ 405, 2 x 1 @ 585 (belt) – just wanted to lift a “heavish” weight but kept the volume low.

b1) Sit-ups with Plate Behind Head 2 x 10 @ 45lbs
b2) GHR 2 x 10

Nothing insane in this session. I wanted to hit some heavish weights but keep the volume low. I will hit up some axle practice and other work tomorrow. Then early next week I will drop down my intensity some more and cut a little more volume. I don’t want to totally coast into the Arnold’s because this approach hasn’t worked well for me in the past.

Training Log

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Monday, February 21, 2011 @ SAS

SMR – pvc, stick and lax ball.
Dynamic warm-up.
Scap Push-ups x 10.
Scap Floor Slides x 10.

Box Jumps 3 x 3 @ 40.75″ – best these have been in a long time, maybe ever.

Front Squat 5 @ 135, 3 @ 225, 6 @ 315, 6 @ 275, 6 @ 245 – just mixing up how I accumulate my volume and intensity.

Incline Press 2 x 5 @ 135, 5 @ 225, 2 x 4 @ 295, 2 x 4 @ 305 – last set was my best.

One Arm DB Row 20 @ 150, 20 @ 130, 20 @ 110 – again, just mixing up how I work into my top sets. This was great because I got the heavy work out of the way and then each set I got more strict with my form and it blew my lats apart.

a1) DB Bench Press 2 x 15 @ 80lbs – very easy as it should be.
a2) CSR with Fat Gripz 2 x 15 @ 220lbs

DB Hammer Curls 50 @ 15lbs
Band Pullapart 50 @ Black Band
Band Pushdown 50 @ Purple Band

Felling pretty good throughout this workout. Need to get my bodyweight back up in the next two weeks because I have let it slip too far. I will get back up to about 265lbs for the Arnold and then reassess where I am and where I need to be for the upcoming Ontario qualifiers.

Training Log

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Saturday, February 19, 2011 @ Tycoon Lair

Log Press (C+P each rep) 5 @ 150, 4 @ 200, 4 @ 240, 2 @ 290 (belt), 4 @ 270 (belt) – this went ok but wasn’t as smooth as I would have liked.

Car DL – worked up to a heavy set of 6 with a 880 tire + Lance and Terry. Tried two heavier sets but couldn’t crack it today.

Farmers Walk – 15 foot course

305 for 45 feet with 2 turns + hold at end.
335 for 15 feet + hold at end.

This was ok. Weight felt great in the hands but the pick was harder than it should have been.


2 @ 240 to 53.5″ – one motion both
1 @ 300 to 53.5″ – one motion
1 @ 330 21″ to 53.5″
1 @ 365 to 53.5″
2 x 1 @ 365 to 58″ – second set was the best of the day.

Stones went great today. Didn’t do a tonne of volume but the strength and technique was there today.

Overall this was a decent session. This has happened to me before when I come off a very easy deload, my first session back is a bit lackluster. I will be fine when I tune up with some gym work in the next 10 days to finish my prep for the Arnold.

Training Log Post for UF Member

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011 @ SAS

Deload week.

SMR – pvc, stick and lax ball.
Dynamic warm-up.

a1) Front Squat 3 x 10 @ 135 – right quad/ITB is mangled so I just wanted to get though this movement.
a2) Military Press 8 @ 95, 8 @ 115, 8 @ 135 – obviously very easy.

Neutral Grip Chins with Fat Gripz 2 x 6 – felt good, these are getting better over time. Still keeping the volume low to keep my shoulders happy.

b1) Cable Seated Row 2 x 15
b2) Band Ab Pulldown to the front + high band sidebend 2 x 12 @ green

Rower 3 x 250m – times were 37, 36 and 35 seconds.

UF Member harrassed me today to post up some training sessions and this is all I have for him. I’m on a deload right now and sometimes I take this as an opportunity to fully rest. I know some people will say this isn’t “hardcore” and that I’m a pussy but I have my reasons. Additionally, this session is particularly wussy because I have a massive knot in my quad that had me limping for a few days. It’s progressively getting better but all I wanted to do with it today is get some blood in there and take it through a full ROM.
My priorities for a deload are to do what I have to do to rest physically and MENTALLY so that I can attack a new phase in the following week. Sometimes for me this means that I “skip” a normal workout day and go to sleep at 7:30pm. This is exactly why I didn’t train on Monday. I had intended to but when the time came to go to the gym I didn’t really want to so I just shut it down and went to bed. One of the reasons for this is to also “keep the gym sacred.” This is something that Paul Vaillancourt told me once when I was having trouble getting up for evening sessions after spending all day in my gym coaching kids. I know this sounds like a terrible excuse and most of you would kill for my job, but sometimes I need time away from here to get fresh and ready for the next phase.
So that’s my list of excuses for why I’m more lazy on this deload week than normal, but like I said, I have my reasons and it allows me to progress over long periods of time without burning out.
Feel free to comment below on what a pussy I am.

Training Log

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Monday, February 8, 2011 @ SAS

SMR – pvc, stick and lax ball.
Dynamic warm-up.
Scap Push-ups x 10.
Scap Floor Slides x 10.

Box Jumps 3 @ 37.5, 2 x 3 @ 40.75 – a lot better than last week.

Front Squat 5 @ 135, 3 @ 245, 8 @ 295, 6 @ 315, 4 @ 335 – solid sets.

Incline Press 2 x 5 @ 135, 5 @ 225, 1 @ 295, 2 x 1 @ 335, 3 x 1 @ 355 – my last rep was the fastest and strongest rep. This is my former PB so I’m happy to be throwing it around.

One Arm DB Row 3 x 20 @ 130lbs

That’s it for now, ran out of time. I will fit the rest of the accessory work in today or Thursday.

Training Log

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Saturday, February 5, 2011 @ SAS

Screwed around with packing smaller sandbags into my larger sandbag, torched my hands and arms in advance, what a hassle.

Self Myofascial Release – pvc pipe, the stick and lacrosse ball.
Dynamic Warm-up.

Axle Clean and Press each rep

6 @ 165, 3 @ 215, 4 @ 255 (belt, switch grip style), 3 @ 305 (belt, switch grip style), 1 @ 325 (belt, switch grip style) – good work here. I just missed the 4th rep at 305 and it was largely because the weights were coming off on my 3rd and made it very hard. The 325 was a smoke show, great clean and easy press. just need to bring it hard on this event.

Farmers Walk – 50 foot course

50 feet @ 195lbs
50 feet @ 285lbs with hold at end (belt)
15 feet @ 335 (belt) – hands were already mangled. Grip still needs improvement despite my handles being very slick.
50 feet @ 285lbs with long hold at end (belt)

Chain Yoke – 50 foot course, no belt

50 feet @ 4 plates
50 feet @ 5 plates
50 feet @ 6 plates

All runs were very solid. Did this to accumulate some more moving event volume. Torso is feeling very strong and ready for heavy yoke.


Spent about 20 minutes picking it up and smashing it into the grounf and packing the bags down farther. Pain in the ass for sure.

Solid session today. Would have liked to do more with the sandbag but all of our time went into trying to get it to reshape properly.