Training Log and Severe Loser Alert!!!

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Thursday, February 9, 2012 @ Global Gym

SMR – pvc and lax ball.
Band Dislocates x 15
Scap Wall Slides x 10
Band Pullapart x 15
Shoulder Circuit x 10

a1) Incline Press – starting way over on 531 with 310 as a working max. Today called for 3 @ 70, 3 @ 80, 3 @ 90.
2 x 5 @ 135, 3 @ 215, 3 @ 250, 5 @ 280 – nothing too serious. All reps were solid. Just resetting and getting back into this exercise for the long haul.
a2) DB Row 3 x 12 @ 125lbs

b1) DB Bench Press 2 x 15 @ 75lbs
b2) Cable Seated Row with Full Retraction 3 x 12

Step-up with DB in Opposite Hand 2 x 10 @ 45lbs
Face Pulls 3 x 15
Pushdowns 3 x 12
Curls 10 @ 50lbs, 10 @ 40lbs, 20 @ 25lbs

Earlier in the day at School:

Pallof Press 2 x 12 each side
BS Abs 3 sets

Stretching for hips, adductors and glutes. Used a new one today: … r_embedded

Solid rant for the day:

I saw some of the worst things ever today in the gym. This guy comes in the gym wearing a size medium skin tight under armour shirt with a girl who appeared to be his girlfriend. He proceeded to do back and front squats on the smith machine with a plate per side and had his girlfriend do it as well even though she didn’t want to. He basically ridiculed her the entire time as well, it was sad to watch but I just couldn’t look away. I honestly thought she was going to punch him in the face or kick him in the groin he was being such an asshole to her. At one point he was doing these fast step-ups on a bench and demanded that she count his reps. He kept asking during the set “how many” and she would give him an update. Once he was done his set, he yelled at her and said “you need to speak up louder because if I can’t hear you I don’t know when I’m done my set.” Really?

So after watching this disaster I noticed he had left 4 sets of DBs all over the area where he was “working out”. My gym has had a real problem with this lately and the owner has asked us to call people out when they leave stuff behind. I have never seen this guy before and the gym I go to is the only decent one left in the city, I don’t want this tool messing it up. So I decided to go find the guy to ask him to put his stuff away and this is how it went, no joke.

JF – Hey, are you done with the DBs that you were using?
Douche – Yeah (and then glanced at his gf with a pissed off look on his face)
JF – Could you please go put them back where they belong (yes, I actually said please)
Douche – Ok

Then we walked back to the area where he left all the DBs.

Douche – Do you work here?
JF – No. But there’s no one here to clean up after you.

Once he put away DBs and had his gf help him:

Douche – Is that Ok? (with severe attitude acting as if I did something wrong by asking him to clean up)
JF – Yeah man, thanks.

Then he stormed away muttering to his gf.

Now obviously there’s no reason for me to explain why this is ridiculous, I just wanted to relay it because I felt as if I was taking crazy pills when I saw all this go down. Wow, just wow.

  1. Thom lamb says:

    Incredible display of willpower not smashing him in the face..

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