JFoley Strength – Foundational Program

Posted: November 14, 2012 in Uncategorized
JFoley Strength – Foundational Program
Jordan Foley, CSCS          jfoleystrength@gmail.com                          http://jfoleystrength.com/
Introduction Phase
The purpose of this phase is build proper movement patterns that can be built upon and loaded more heavily as your training progresses. It is important that you try to perfect each movement before moving on to the next progression. This will ensure that when heavier loading is prescribed, that you do not have to take any steps backwards technically to avoid injury. Aim to train 2-3 times per week in this phase.
Dynamic Warm-up
All workouts begin with a dynamic warm-up. DO NOT skip this part of your session. It will take approximately 10 minutes and will prepare you for the workout to come. Additionally, it will reduce the chance of injury by increasing/maintaining flexibility and mobility.
Videos of the warm-up drills can be found here:
Dynamic Warm-up
Jumping Jacks
Seal Jacks
4 x 20m
Skipping with Arm Circles
2 x 20m
High Knees
2 x 20m
Butt Kicks
2 x 20m
Side Shuffle
4 x 20m
Kick Out Run
2 x 20m
Backwards Run
2 x 20m
World’s Greatest Stretch
Backwards Lunge with Twist
Cradle Stretch
Squat to Stand with Twist

You will pick one exercise  from each category and perform the prescribed sets and reps. Start at the first exercise and progress to the next exercise when you can complete the prescribed sets and reps with perfect form.
Videos of the movements can be found here:
Body Row
2-3 sets x 10-15 reps
2-3 sets x 10-15 reps
2-3 sets x 10-15 reps
Box Squat
Elevated Push-up
Elevated Body Row
Gobelt Box Squat
Body Row
Body Weight Squat
Push-up with feet elevated
Body Row with feet elevated
Goblet Squat
Single Leg Exercises
Posterior Chain
2-3 sets x 10-15 reps
2-3 sets x 10-15 reps
Split Squat
Reverse Lunge
Single Leg RDL
Waiters Bow
Reverse Lunge with Knee Lift
Step-up with Knee Lift
2-3 sets x 20-60 seconds*
2-3 sets x 20-60 seconds*
 *Once you reach 60 secs with good form, move to the next progression and start over
Section 1
Section 2
Side Plank – Staggered, elevated
Plank with Leg Lift
Side Plank – Staggered
Plank with Arm Lift
Side Plank 
Plank with Arm + Leg Lift
Side Plank with Leg Lift

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