Random Thoughts: Coaching, Training, Education, Personal and Miscellaneous

Posted: February 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

Coaching – No matter what group you are dealing with you will likely have these divisions: guys who want to do more and do it all the time, guys who will do exactly what you ask of them, and guys who will always need a kick in the ass to meet expectations. Given these three divisions or groups, be careful paying too much attention to the third. I try to always plan for the first two groups and have them force the third group to keep up. After all, if you are in a competitive environment, if you cater too much to the third group then you won’t be competitive for long!

Training – Seems that due to a work commitment that I won’t be able to go to CPU Nationals in April as expected. I was not happy about this when I found out and it seemed like I was doing a lot of brutal training with no “end” in sight. I have since found a CPF meet in Newmarket on April 4 and will just do that one instead.

Education – I am very grateful for the university education that I received because it forced me to become a critical thinker and to look for my own answers. I have reflected on this a lot in the last week or two because one of my former profs is under fire for information that she was giving out on vaccinations. I don’t know all the details to be totally honest, but what got me to thinking is this: The purpose of a university education is to allow you to search for information and become a critical thinker. Do not take anyone’s opinion as gospel and follow blindly.

Personal – This week is reading week here. I have a lot of stuff I want to catch up on with athletes away. I am brutal with opening tabs of articles to read and letting them sit. This week one of my goals is to read all the tabs (35) I have open by the end of the week, wish me luck…

Miscellaneous – Another weather related comment, it has been -20 and down to -40 windchill here for a few days now, what is up with that??? I always said I didn’t mind winter because you can dress warmer but can never escape the heat of summer, but with how it has been here recently I am beginning to question that belief.

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