Random Thoughts: Coaching, Training, Education, Personal and Miscellaneous

Posted: March 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

Coaching – I got an opportunity to work with some younger athletes on the weekend as an outreach with our team. Myself and 3 of our players went and ran an athletic development session for a bunch of 8-10 year old football players. It’s cheesy, but seeing these young kids having a great time and willing to do anything to impress you shows us what it is all about. I also love seeing our players help younger kids and tell them about how football has been a positive impact on their lives. I like this for 2 main reasons: 1) A university athlete has a powerful voice when speaking to younger athletes and I like when they use it in positive ways in order to give back to others. 2) When our guys have to think critically about what to say and how to coach, it makes them better athletes for us in the long run.

Training – Turns out we have plans for the April 4th weekend so I won’t be able to attend that meet either. In truth, I was getting a bit stale with training anyways and looking forward to doing some more athletic style training. I have always had a problem with that in the past because of no concrete goals and dates. I have flirted with the idea of doing the Max Jones Quadrathlon before and have now decided to train to increase my score. Myself and our sprints coach are going to do it together so it gives us something to aim for. I like it because it lets me do lifting and explosive movements while also having a goal. Go to this link for info on the Quad:


Education – Still grinding it out in this course. I am looking forward to the end but also looking forward to the last assignment where I can do some work that is applicable towards my eventual thesis topic.

Personal – Got to meet up with some close friends on the weekend that I don’t see often. I am continually impressed by the range of conversations that we have from incredibly and impressively stupid right up to pretty intelligent and useful haha.

Miscellaneous – To follow up on my last misc thought, I was impressed with some private sector S&C contact that I have had in the past week, so maybe there is hope!

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