Random Thoughts: Coaching, Training, Education, Personal and Miscellaneous

Posted: May 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

Coaching – Took one of the coaching courses this past weekend that I mentioned last week. I completed the Planning a Basic Sport Program and Basic Mental Skills modules to complete my Introduction to Competition qualification. Although some of the information lacks on the scientific side, especially for an S&C coach, I would recommend these courses or at least certain modules for coaches, especially S&C coaches. Many S&C coaches get into the profession without a multi-sport coaching background and without any specific education in coaching or sport psychology, these courses can be great to fill in those gaps since S&C is primarily a coaching function.

Training – Still not sure what I am going to do competition wise this summer but have enjoyed the strength and power gains from switching up my programming. Yesterday I hit a smooth 365 bench after my work sets having not benched anything heavier than 335 in maybe 2 years. Su maximal training and technique specificity seemed to have paid off. Also, and possibly most significantly I have finally figured out a decent set-up after getting some coaching from Tom Kean at Xmas time.

Education – After a conversation with a triathlon coach who completed a master’s thesis on masterful triathlon coaches, I am considering sticking with the qualitative route for my research. I am conflicted because it will lack the breadth that I was initially aiming for but going the survey route. Still undecided but it certainly has me thinking since the most similar coaching research to my project is done qualitatively.

Personal – Been operating under a very significant daily shift from the winter semester. In the winter I typically went to work at 8-9am and came home between 7-9pm. Now that all my athletes are working full-time during the day, we only train in the evenings and there is generally less housekeeping to do with only about half the roster training here in the summer I typically go to work between 10am-12pm and get home at 9pm. It certainly is different having time in the morning to relax and walk Watson but I’m not loving having no time in the evenings at all really.

Miscellaneous – Happy for a few of our players who got drafted in the CFL draft last night: DE, Cam Walker; WR, Alex Charrette and LS, Dan MacDonald. All three of these guys are insanely hard workers and obsessed with succeeding in all things football. Glad to see them take the next step in their careers after seeing how hard they have worked to get there.

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