Random Thoughts: Coaching, Training, Education, Personal and Miscellaneous

Posted: June 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

Coaching – At a crossroads now wondering where the sweet spot is for how much to demand from an athlete or team. I know that doing more quality work over time is the name of the game but what if they don’t want to do it? What if their other commitments don’t allow that level of commitment? After this summer, I will reevaluate how much we ask of our guys and weigh them against priorities to make sure we are in the sweet spot and always getting better.

Training – Signed up to do 2 strongman shows in the next few weeks. Returned to doing a few events here and there shows me that I should probably include some of this stuff in my training more regularly even if I am not competing. One example is log press. I can power the log up but from doing more bench press and no dedicated overhead work I lost some thoracic extension making the lockout difficult. It has gotten better over a few sessions but something to think about. I think this loss of extension is probably a factor that helped increase my bench…now comes the complicated and greedy question: How do I get them both to go up at the same time?

Education – Finally doing some work on my thesis. I am at the step of designing my survey questions which is going to be a pain in the ass but certainly shows some progress towards something actually getting done.

Personal – Managed to arrange a few days “off” to go home to NL for a visit. Will be great because my brother and his wife will be there from London, England along with my sister and dad from NL plus other visitors. We are going to spend the weekend on Fogo Island where my dad grew up which will be perfectly relaxing. For those of you that have been to NL, I always describe Fogo in this way…it is the Newfoundland of Newfoundland. This refers to scenery, pace of life and awful dialects!!!0

Miscellaneous – Costco now has Wholly Guacamole single serving containers. You get 12 of them for $10 and they are awesome for lunches while reducing waste of spoiled guac. My new favorite meal is ground turkey and vegetables with guac and a fresca on the side.

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