Random Thoughts: Coaching, Training, Education, Personal and Miscellaneous

Posted: July 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

Coaching – Just finished doing NCCP Coaching and Leading Effectively through the home study option because it wasn’t offered any times that I was available within the next year. I’m not sure if it was this module or doing it solo working through the coaches workbook, but it was the best one yet. Working through the activities actually helped me develop a few tools that I will use in this coming year to improve communication, resolve conflict and refine my coaching philosophy. This course gave me the largest amount of “take aways” when compared to any of the other NCCP modules. This was the last course required for me to complete Competition Development and I am looking to start the Advanced Coaching Diploma through the National Coaching Institute in December. For you coaches out there (Sport and S&C), I highly recommend the NCCP courses as it helps you organize and collect your thoughts about coaching as a whole.

Training – Only did one of the Strongman shows that I had planned to do, Baconfest a few weeks ago. It went pretty well and I performed as I thought I would on most events. Nothing too spectacular but for the amount of preparation I put into it, I was satisfied and it was enough to come away with the win. Would like to do another show this summer but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. Back to some higher volume training and hopefully I can hit a PL meet in the late fall.

Education – In the swing of things now with the proposal step of my thesis and sorting out the remainder of my courses. I am finding it pretty difficult to carve out time to work on my proposal with everything else going on and having something each weekend. As the pressure mounts I am sure I will find some more hours in the day. Also awaiting a decision to get a required course waived that allows me to make my course work more specific to S&C and Coaching, rather than the teaching path that is preset. It won’t be the end of the world if I have to take the required curriculum course but it would be nice to do something more directly relevant to my career.

Personal – The trip back home to NL and Fogo Island was great. The weather was pretty crappy but at least it didn’t rain the whole time. It was great to spend time with family and spend most of it at my dad’s family home where we spent a lot of time when we were young kids.

Also got to go camping last at Guelph Lake last weekend with a bunch of friends. We got a huge group campsite that was perfect. About the size of half a football field, 8 picnic tables, trees for shade and all grass. Made for a good time and as always, great to meet up with good friends in the midst of everyone being busy.

Miscellaneous – I am not sure what irks me more, incompetence or disorganization…I think I will just leave it at that haha. Get it together people.

(yes I know the disorganization can be seen as incompetence)

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